Use of a Biphasic Calcium Sulphate Graft to Treat Posterior Maxillary Atrophies by Avoiding a Lateral Sinus Approach

David Baranes, Gregori M. Kurtzman


Augmentation of the maxillary sinus when severe atrophy and/or pneumatization of the sinus has occurred results in minimal crestal height that will not allow simultaneous implant placement has been a clinical challenge. The lateral sinus augmentation approach has been traditionally utilized in these clinical situations, but there are known complications such as membrane tears and increased post-operative issues that follow use of this technique. This article aims to propose a new technique utilizing specific surgical instruments, making it possible to increase the height of the crestal bone under the maxillary sinus in cases of significant atrophy, without complications using a two-stage crestal approach with biphasic calcium sulphate as the graft material. The article will discuss the technique, present a case example and review 51 cases representing initially 1-3 mm sub sinus crestal bone heights that the technique was utilized with.

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