Total Maxillary Rehabilitation in 2 Phases with Bone Reconstruction and an All-on-6 (III)

The patient is a healthy 62-year-old woman. She attended the consultation with complaints of pain and edema in the right, posterior maxilla. The patient complained of pain while chewing, a lack of teeth in the 2nd quadrant and a lack of aesthetics with the old hybrid prosthesis. She also has the constant feeling of having a bad taste in her mouth.

The treatment plan included the extraction of the infected right posterior implant, which was done with the disassembly of the prosthesis at the 1st consultation.

Surgery of complete horizontal bone augmentation of the maxilla and bilateral sinus elevation took place 1.5 months later. The patient uses the old prosthesis, fixed on the 2 old implants, for 6 months.

6 months later a new surgery is performed with extraction of the 2 old implants, new horizontal bone graft, and placement of 6 implants with immediate load with a new prosthesis. After another 6 months, the final hybrid prosthesis is made


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