Utilizing Biphasic Calcium Sulfate in Periodontal Regenerative Surgery

Dr. Yaniv Mayer

The patient is 35 years old with periodontitis, Stage III, Grade C, with molar incisor pattern. They demonstrated bleeding, deep pockets and vertical bone resorption around the first molars. Three months after conducting scaling and root planning with oral hygiene instructions, a regenerative surgical treatment was performed in order to regenerate the attachment apparatus, and eliminate the residual periodontal pocket. Sulcular incision in the buccal and lingual aspects was made with papilla preservation. The lesion and the root were cleaned by curate, chitosan brush and Er:YAG. The 2 wall defect lesion was filled with Augma Bone Cement. The flaps were placed without tension and secured by 5/0 Nylon sutures. The sutures were removed after two weeks. The result after 6 months demonstrates bone regeneration with great pocket reduction.

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