Oral Rehabilitation of Severe Atrophic Posterior Maxilla with Zygomatic Implant and Augma Bone Cement

The patient is a 58-year-old, non-smoking male in generally good health. He came to the clinic in 2017 for a full mouth oral rehabilitation with implants. He was a very busy businessman and had a specific request of immediate loading of the upper jaw as he could not afford any days without teeth. The patient lives in another country and the visits to the clinic are planned for once a year.

To fulfil his request for immediate loading, any augmentation procedures of the jaw such as sinus lift, GBR or vertical bone augmentation were not considered. The treatment plan was to insert 2 zygomatic implants in posterior areas #15 (4) and #25 (13) and 4 anterior implants to support the immediate prosthesis. The treatment was completed withing 2 weeks. including surgery, prosthodontic stages and recall.

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