Maxillary Rehabilitation with Immediate All-on-4

A healthy 50-year-old woman came to the consultation with complaints about the lack of aesthetics in her smile, complaints of bad breath and difficulties in chewing properly.

During the intra-oral examination, it was found that the patient had advanced maxillary periodontitis with a very marked vertical bone loss. The teeth had mobility and there was a suppuration outlet.

In the complementary examinations showed also the failure of the 2 implants in the 1 quadrant, with peri-implantitis and marked bone loss. The patient wanted to have her teeth fixed and be able to smile without feeling ashamed.

The treatment plan included the extraction of all teeth and maxillary implants with regularization of the bone platform. Placing 4 implants followed by alveolar bone graft of the entire jaw. The placement of a temporary hybrid prosthesis in immediate load.

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