Lateral Augmentation with Augma Bond Apatite®

The patient is a 70 year old female with no health problems. Tooth #34 (21) is fractured and must be extracted, and the bridge sliced. Tooth #38 (17) will be kept for the moment.

We know that the ridge is too thin to perform implant replacement, so we decided to do Guided Bone Regeneration with Biphasic Calcium Sulfate during the extraction stage. This included alveolar bone filling and lateral augmentation. The bone cement (Augma Bond Apatite® (3 srg) is covered with a collagen sponge, and no membrane or PRF is used.
After a 12 months delay (confinement), we were able to perform the implant placement (Surcam, S-type: 3,75 mm x 11,5mm; 5 mm x 10 mm) in a true new bone, in a large ridge. Unfortunately, the CBCT reveals the presence of an accessory branch of the mandibular nerve that had not been detected before, so we preferred to avoid the site of #36 (19) and #37 (18). Tooth #38 (17) was extracted, and the socket was filled with Augma Bond Apatite® (1 srg) during surgery.

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