Immediate Implant with Horizontal Augmentation and Immediate Loading

The patient is a 44-year-old, healthy, female. She attended the consultation already missing tooth #14 (5). The patient wanted to have her tooth back and restore the aesthetics of her smile. After intra-oral inspection, a marked volume defect was observed in the buccal area, in relation with the bone volume of the adjacent teeth. After complementary exams, a very thin bone ridge was identified with great loss of horizontal volume, leaving insufficient thickness for the placement of an implant without exposed threads.

The treatment plan included the opening of a crystal surgical flap, without surgical releases, followed by sub-instrumentation of the bone and placement of a 3.5x13mm Nobel Active implant. After careful placement of the implant, and the manufacture of a temporary crown, Augma Bond Apatite® bone cement is applied over the exposed bone. Finally, the provisional crown is placed, and the suture will be placed. 6 months later, the definitive Nobel Procera crown is placed.

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