Endodontic Microsurgery of Tooth #26 (14)

Healthy man, age 42 years. The conservative endodontic treatment of the tooth #26 (14) failed. He has intense pain and swelling from time to time, although the inflammation on the X-ray is so small and can only be seen around the buccal mesial root. We made a root resection of this buccal mesial root of tooth #26 (14,) backfilling with MTA and cyst enucleation with histopathology examination. We filled the bone defect with Bond Apatite®.

We observed good healing, and no clinical symptoms after 12 months. The patient had only one day of pain and two days of swelling after the surgery. On all control X-rays we observed how nicely the Bond Apatite® filled this bone defect and rebuilt into the patient own bone, especially as it’s hard to fill this defect with autogenous bone or bovine granules.

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