Cracked Premolar – Extraction Cystectomy then Augma

The patient is 67 years old and was referred for the treatment of a fractured tooth with radiolucency.

In this case there was no buccal plate and no incisions were made. The socket was cleaned of all granulomatous tissue.

Due to the lack of buccal plate, the choice was made to use Bond Apatite. As the premolar site is smaller than the Augma syringe the assistant retracted the buccal while Dr. Katzap placed a sterile, 2×2 gauze on the palatal and pressed it against the flanking teeth. A portion of the gauze is then projecting vertically over the occlusal plane. Dr. Katzap injected a portion between the teeth from the buccal on to the socket, the folded the gauze over into the gap and over the socket and pressed firmly on the gauze.

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