Cyst In The Lower Left Mandibular 2nd Premolar

Healthy male, age 32 years. The cyst is not involved after 5 months of endodontic treatment. He has pain and discomfort from time to time. We made a root resection of tooth #35 (20) with back-fill with the MTA, cyst enucleation (confirmed with histopathology examination). We filled the bone defect with Bond Apatite (1/2 cc).

Good healing and no clinical symptoms after six months was observed. Only two days of pain after surgery and little swollen. During the surgery we observed, how nice the Bond apatite filled this bone defect, because it`s take a more time and it`s much more difficult to fill it with traditional augmentation techniques.

Fig.1. Panoramic before surgery
Fig.2. Another x-ray before surgery
Fig.3.After flap opening and trepanation hole
Fig.4. After cyst removal
Fig.5. Bond apatite inside bone defect
Fig.6. Stitches
Fig.7.X-ray after 7 days
Fig.8.X-ray after 3 months
Fig.9. X-ray after 6 months

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