Central Odontogenic Fibroma & Central Osteoma of The Mandible

Healthy Female, age 29 years. The tumor was developed without any clinical symptoms for about 2 years. Maybe changes at the cellular level led to pulpitis and second to pulp necrosis #46 (30). The endodontic treatment was not carried out correctly, due to significant obliteration of the root canals #46 (30). A revision of the area #46 (30) was made, the tumor was removed (highly mineralized part similar to osteoma and granulation tissue from area around). We made a root resections of tooth #46 (30) with retrograde filling of the root canals using MTA. We filled the bone defect with Bond Apatite (1 cc).

Histopathological study showed the presence of a odontogenic fibroma structure in granulation tissue and osteoma in mineralized part. We observed a good healing of bone and soft tissue in 2 years months follow-up.

Figure 6. Operation view
Figure 10. X-ray after surgery
Figure 11. Half-panoramic 3 months after surgery
Figure 13. Control X-ray after 6 months
Figure 14. Panoramic after 6 months
Figure 15. Cbct 6 months
Figure 16. Cbct 6 months
Figure 17. Cbct 6 months
Figure 18. Cbct 6 months
Figure 19. Cbct after 6 months
Figure 20. Panoramic after 2 years

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