Dr. Stéphane Berg – Biphasic Calcium Sulfate – Use in Surgical Practice Today

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Through clinical cases, we will explore the numerous abilities and advantages of bone grafting from daily practice to complex surgeries.

Learning Objectives:
⁃ Discover the interests and the advantages of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate in GBR.
⁃ Understand the potential role of Bone Cements in everyday life, from simple extractions to complex cases.
⁃ From general practitioner to specialist, bone grafting with Biphasic Calcium Sulfate will afford new perspectives in dental treatment planning.


Dr. Stéphane BERG is native of Strasbourg, France.
He obtained his Doctorate from the Dental University of Strasbourg.
After graduated, he performed a master’s in Periodontology.
Then passionated by Implantology, he joined the Hospital Cochin in Paris, where he practiced with medical surgeons and dental surgeons, sharing different points of view and experience. He is a specialist in surgery, dental implants, and prosthodontics.



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