Immediate Loading in the Aesthetic Zone of Tooth #11 (8)

The patient is a healthy, 75 years old female who presented with tooth #11 (8) after a root canal, with mobility and extreme extrusion. The patient complained that she was very dissatisfied with the aesthetics and wanted to correct position of #11 (8) and close the gap between tooth #11 (8) and #21 (9). 

I advised the patient that closing the gap would not be easy, and the final result would look ridiculous. The trick would be to close the gap enough for it to look natural. Treatment planning included in a first stage extraction of #11 (8) with immediate implant placement and bone graft with Augma Bond Apatite®, composite restoration on #12 (7) and immediate provisional crown loading. In a second stage composite augmentation of #21 (9) and #22 (10) was performed to help close the gap, and impressions were taken for the final crown.

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