Continuous sutures often tend to become loose. What alternative can be used?

It is recommended to add additional simple interrupted sutures.

What types of sutures are recommended?

Sutures can be resorbable or nonresorbable. If resorbable sutures are used, avoid fast resorbable sutures that resorb in less than two weeks, such as the Chromic Gut. When using nonresorbable sutures, they should be taken out 10-14 days post-op.

If the vertical incision is more than 3mm past the mucogingival line, is it possible to suture without engaging the muscles?

The sutures do not have any influence on muscle engagement. The flap design and the way it is reflected, together with a lack of releasing incisions, are the factors that prevent muscle engagement.

Why should sutures not be engaged with the muscles?

The flap is the part that should not be connected to the muscles; therefore, the flap is minimally reflected, as explained in the protocols. The sutures are not the issue.

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