Extractions and Immediate Implant Placement

The patient is a woman in her 50’s, who came a day before a family event for a fixed prothetelic supported by immediate implant placement. The canine is in a classic vestibular position, it will be necessary to try to keep the buccal bone wall as much as possible and reconstruct the ridge. Having more than 4 mm bone height at the bottom of the socket will allow primary implant stability. Nevertheless, there will be a gap to manage within the socket.

A thin buccal wall can be seen. The implant will be positioned a bit palatine, and Bond Apatite® will be used to augment the gap between the implant and the bony socket walls. After positioning the implant in #16 (3) and #13 (6) area, a large gap can be seen between the socket walls and the implant. After placement of Bond Apatite®. In cases of excessive bleeding, apply additional compression for a few seconds on the cement with dry sterile gauze. The flap is closed with tension.

Periapical radiography 5 months post-op, bone regeneration can be seen. In this case, there was 4 mm of bone to permitting the primary implant stability. Bond Apatite® was used as a bioactive regenerative graft to augment the gaps between the socket walls and the implants. The procedure was minimally invasive, and the outcome is true bone regeneration.

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