Three Simple Steps


Graft Placement & Stabilization in Less Than a Minute


Superior Handling & Results

Immediate Benefits

True Bone Regeneration

The Biologic Effects of Bond Apatite® in New Bone Formation in Osseous Defects

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Biphasic Calcium Sulfate

More than 100 years of documented clinical success in bone augmentation

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Calcium Sulfate




Augma’s Bone Graft Cements



Bond Apatite Bone Graft Cement

Long Term Space Maintainer

Bond Apatite® is a composite graft, composed of 2/3 biphasic calcium sulfate cement matrix’s and 1/3 HA granules in a controlled particle size distribution, intended to fill or augment a large diversity of osseous defects.

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3D Bond Graft Binder Cement

Short Term Space Maintainer

3D Bond+™ is a natural mineral, bioresorbable graft binder cement composed of pure Biphasic Calcium Sulfate in a granulated powder form in an all-in-one smart syringe.

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